The Starter Hot Stone Massage Set

This 40 piece hot stone massage stone set is ideal for beginners or those wanting to introduce heated stones into their current practice.

Please read my description below on the many ways you can use these stones for effleurage, petrisage and in placements.

40 Piece Starter Set

8 large massage

8 medium massage

8 small massage

8 toe stones

8 hot/cold facial

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Please scroll down to see close-up photos of these basalt stones below.

I'd like to share with you how you can get the most out of the stones in your massage set.

You will notice this set contains many small, medium and large massage stones. These massage stones are most often used as general effleurage stones, but have several other potential functions in heated stone massages.

You can use many of your massage stones as placement stones, deep tissue stones, manicure, pedicure, facial and reflexology stones for stone therapy. Let me show you how!

Most massage stones can be used for both placement purposes and for massage - almost regardless of their size, in a hot stone massage protocol.

For example, the large massage stones can be used to massage larger muscles including the legs, thighs and back. They may also be used as hand rest stones when the client is lying on their back, or as a sacrum or belly stone.

These large massage stones can be used as trapezius stones (especially lovely in facials) by slipping them under the upper trapezius for added relaxation.

As well, large massage stones work as foot stones in hot stone pedicures, chakra stones in hot stone spa and reiki treaments, glut stones in traditional stone therapy... the list goes on and on!

The medium massage stones double as spinal layout stones, palm stones, small trapezius or pectoral stones, small chakra stones, or as hand rest stones (when the client is lying face down).

They may also be used in hot stone manicures and pedicures for massaging the arms and legs.

Medium stones work well for massaging the neck, shoulder and chest area when giving hot stone facials, or regular hot stone treatments.

The small massage stones can be turned on their edges and used as deep tissue tools on the palm of the hand or the bottom of the foot.

They are also fantastic for massaging the face, and holding over the ears to create the experience of stillness.

The facial stones in this set can be used as either hot or cold facial stones. Simply chill in a bowl of ice water and apply.

It feels especially refreshing to have alternating hot and cold stones used on the face.

Cold stones reduce puffiness, clear stagnation in the tissues and leave your client with a youthful and vibrant glowing appearance!

My favorite way to finish my work on the clients back is to do a sweep starting at the shoulders and moving down to the sacrum. I return back up to the shoulders, and then sweep down the arms to leave a hot stone in the palm of each hand.

It's like a little present the client gets to have in their hand for a short while :)

I make sure to remove these hand rest stones after a minute or two so the client doesn't feel like they need to hold onto the stones.

(Plus the stones will cool down in a few minutes, and will not feel as amazing as they did when they were deliciously hot!! )

You may also incorporate hot stones into reiki sessions, acupuncture or for self healing. A large warmed stone placed on the belly can ease menstrual cramps.

Lying down with a heated stone tucked into the small of your back can melt away lower back tension.

The stones are refreshing and enlivening to work with as they vibrate with the energies of mother nature.

Clients comment how amazing they feel because the hot stones create such a unique sensation, and the relaxation experienced is far greater than with most traditional therapies.

8 Large Massage Stones

Large stones

3 - 4 inches diameter

1 - 2 inches thick

Use these basalt massage
stones to massage larger
muscles including legs and back

May also be used as placement stones on the gluteus maximus, sacrum, thigh, or used as large hand rest stones or upper trapezius stones.

8 Medium Massage Stones

Medium Massage Stones

2.5 - 3 inches diameter

1 - 1.5 inches thick

Use these massage stones
to massage medium sized
muscles such as
arms and shoulders. Also may be used as placement stones for the chakras, trapezius muscles, spinal layout and as hand rest stones.

8 Small Massage Stones

Small Massage Stones

1.5 - 2 inches diameter

0.5 - 1 inches thick

Use these massage stones
to massage smaller
muscles including
forearms and hands.

Excellent used on their edges for deep tissue or specific work.

8 Toe Cosies

Toe Cosies

0.5 - 1 inch diameter

0.25 or less inches thick

Place these warm stones
between toes of client

8 Facial Stones

Facial Stone

1 - 1.5 inches diameter

0.25 inches thick

Very smooth small stones
used to massage facial muscles.

May be used as cold facial stones by chilling in a bowl of ice water, then applying to the face.