How To Heat Massage Stones

5 Easy Ways to Heat Your Hot Stone Massage Stones

There are several ways to heat Hot Stone Massage stones, for both professional and home applications.

Listed below are 5 of the best options I have found in my experience as a Hot Stone Massage therapist.

18 Quart Spa Pro Stone Heater

Professional Stone Heater

1. A professional stone heater such as the Spa Pro Stone Heater. These heaters come in 2 sizes, either 18 quart or 6 quart. You can order these stone heaters in 2 voltages, 120 volt for domestic use 230 volt for international use.

The size I recommend for a typical 50 stone set is the 18 quart stone heater as shown above. This size is large enough to comfortably fit a standard 50 stone set. It is important to have ample room in your stone heater to keep your stones in order during a Hot Stone Massage session.

GE 18 Quart Turkey Roaster Stone Heater

Turkey Roaster

2. A turkey roaster such as the GE 18 Quart Turkey Roaster. This turkey roaster is essentially the same machine as the Spa Pro stone heater at half the price. The only difference is that the turkey roaster comes in a white enamel exterior, and the Spa Pro stone heater comes in stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Chafer

3. You can try a Stainless Steel Chafer used by the catering industry. These heaters are designed to keep food at a constant temperature, and are an option for overseas customers who can’t find stone heaters or turkey roasters where they live.

The thermometer on a chafer is finer than that on the stone heaters, so there is greater temperature control with these units. They are more expensive than the Spa Pro stone heaters, but are well worth the price for use in a professional spa.

Thermophore Stone Heater

Thermophore Moist Heat Pads

4. Another option to heat your stones are Thermophore Moist Heat Pads – these are ideal for heating stones for mobile or on-site Hot Stone Massage therapy sessions.

Thermophores are similar to electric blankets, but are smaller in size, and provide moist heat instead of dry heat. Use two large size thermophores with a small set of 20 or so stones. Plug in, place stones between two of the moist heat pads, wait 15 minutes, and voila! You have hot rocks!

Skillet Stone Heater

Deep Dish Electric Frying Pan or Skillet

5. A fifth way to heat your stones is to use a deep dish electric frying pan or skillet. Place a hand towel in the bottom of the skillet to protect from scratches. Place stones on top of towel, then pour in water until stones are covered or until skillet is nearly full.

Control the temperature of the water by using the temperature dial on the frying pan. Set to 120 - 130 degrees farenheit. Please note, the temperature dial sets the temperature of the heater coil, not the water. Confirm water temperature by using a candy thermometer in the water.

Stones will heat more quickly if you use the lid on the skillet. Once stones are heated to the desired temperature, remove the lid. Add water as it evaporates.

Stone Heater Working Temperature

The ideal working temperature for the stones is 120 – 130 degrees F. You can accurately measure this by using a candy thermometer placed right in the water. The temperature setting on the heating unit reflects the temperature of the heater’s element, not the temperature of the water - this is important.

If the water is too hot for you to place your hands into, the stones will be too hot for the client. Dip stones briefly in a bowl of cold water to cool. Always check in with the client to see if the stone temperature is comfortable for them.