Hot Stone Massage Stones
Beautifully Smooth Basalt Stones

Are you looking for a new skill to add to your
massage practice?

Have you ever wondered how
Hot Stone Massage stones work?

Read on to find out how quality massage stones can improve your massage therapy practice and save your body from strain.

Hello, my name is Mariah Hunter. I am a qualified hot stone therapy practitioner. I provide beautiful basalt massage stones to massage therapists around the world.

Hot Stone Massage Practitioner

Having Trouble Finding Quality
Massage Stones?

You may have discovered that top quality massage stones are often difficult to find.

When I first learned hot stone therapy, I was surprised to find that many stone sets on the market were overpriced, and of mediocre quality.

Most massage stones I found were poorly shaped, unbalanced, of varied composition, and were not smooth:

Poor Massage Stones

I ordered several sets and found the stones to be pitted and scratched, and uneven textures. They were not at all beautiful, not mindfully paired, not pleasantly shaped.

Many stone sets on the market were mass-produced, and didn’t include the specialized stones required for hot stone therapy.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Massage Practitioner Assembles Beautiful
Hot Stone Sets

I couldn't find beautiful stones to use for my massages, so I decided to put together my own set of massage stones.

Ultimate Set

My colleagues were so pleased with the beauty and quality of my hand-selected stone set that they asked me to assemble stone massage sets for their use.

They were amazed at how much easier their massages were when they incorporated warmed basalt stones into their massage sessions.

They saved their thumbs and elbows from strain by letting the stones do the work for them! And the clients loved the heated stones, saying they had deeper relaxation and more enjoyment compared to regular massage.

What Beautiful Basalt Massage Stones
Can Do for You

Using quality massage stones in your massage practice will…

- Increase your effectiveness – use heated stones to warm and relax client’s muscles for you, and access deeper tissues more quickly and easily

- Save your joints from stress - give your thumbs and elbows a rest by letting the hot stones do the work for you

- Expand your practice - add extra Hot Stone Massage services for your clients

- Boost your income – earn $35 to $75 more per session by using heated stones

What to Look for in Hot Stone Set

Stone Type – grey or black basalt stones. The minerals in basalt holds heat the longest.

Stone Quality – smooth, rounded stones, that are not pitted, jagged, or scratched

Stone Shape – well balanced stones, shaped for hot stone massage applications

ie – flat oval stones for spinal layouts, pointed acupressure stones for deep tissue work, small thin stones for toe cosies

Paired Stones – similar sized partner stones to massage with, use one of equal size in each hand

Number of Stones – My 84 piece Ultimate hot stone massage stone set is suited for professional Hot Stone Massage. Covers all the body parts plus includes stones for spa treatments.

Stone Condition – my Hot Stone Massage stones come cleaned, washed, separated, and ready for use

Stone Packaging – clearly labeled according to stone function, with directions on stone uses

Stone Beauty – beautiful Hot Stone Massage sets are a joy to work with and share

Hot Stone Massage Instruction – instructions on how to care for your stones, heat your stones, and how to perform a Hot Stone Massage

Free Hot Stone Therapy Info!

If you want to learn more about Hot Stone Therapy, click here to view my Hot Stone Massage eBook manual.

Included are over 100 photos in 59 pages of how-to information:

- what stones work best for hot stone therapy

- what shapes and sizes of stones you will need

- hot stone massage contraindications

- how to heat and clean your stones,

- 90 minute massage routine & more!

Educate yourself and make an informed decision on what stones will work best for you in your practice.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage is a truly decadent sensory indulgence that is beyond words. You can read a complete description on Hot Stone Therapy here

There are two ways to use warmed stones in a massage. The first way is to use them as placement stones to heat the muscles.

This brings the client's attention to the body part, and has a calming effect on the client's mind. Tension is melted away with the liquid heat sensation from the warmed stones.

The second way to use the stones is to massage the clients with them.

Using stones for massage helps to warm and relax the muscles very quickly and easily. This allows massage therapists to access deep tissues in a short amount of time, and with less effort than regular massage.

Stones also add a grounding and balancing effect to your massage. Hot stones give energy to the therapist while relaxing the client.

What Stone Set Would You Need?

I offer several massage stone sets to choose from.

If I were to recommend one, it would be the Ultimate Hot Stone Set.

The Ultimate Hot Stone Set will give you all the stones needed for a complete full body massage, plus extras for deep tissue work, manicures, pedicures, facials and reflexology treatments.

If you are just starting out, learning at home, or simply want to incorporate stones into your current massage style, I recommend the Starter Hot Stone Set, or choosing some Individual stones.

What Makes an Ultimate Hot Stone Set?

Ultimate Set - 84 hot massage stones

Learn more about these 84 massage stones

12 large
12 medium
8 small
8 hot/cold facial
8 toe stones
6 finger stones
4 acupressure

2 glut
2 contour
2 pillow
16 spinal
1 sacrum
1 belly
2 foot

Benefits of this Professional Hot Stone Set

- Designed for professional use.

- Made with new stones sourced directly from nature.

- Assembled using volcanic basalt stones.

- Stones are smooth and ideally shaped for massage use.

- Stone sets are hand-picked to eliminate pits, jagged edges or imperfections

- Stones are packaged and labelled according to their function

- Free Hot Stone guide with each set.

See What Others Are Saying About These Stones

"I just received my stones today and I am absolutely thrilled. They are perfect!!! I am really impressed with them and can't wait to use them. Thank you!! I do have a set which I bought locally and they pale in comparison."
- Celeste Gennarakis, South Africa

"Mariah, these hot stones are without a doubt the most magnificent I have ever seen. It is so clear that these stones have been chosen with love, care, and attention to detail. Each pair is so perfectly matched, smooth and the perfect shape for their role. I am overwhelmed and deeply touched."
- Raewyn Neale, Auckland, New Zealand

"Hi Mariah, I received my hot stones and I am extremely happy with them! I've used them about half a dozen times on clients now and I am very satisfied with the set that you put together for me. Thank you again!”
- Nikki Burns, Australia

"Dear Mariah, the rocks arrived this am -- they are gorgeous. Thank you!"
- Duane Kreil, Om Spa, Michigan, USA

Finally, You May Be Asking…

Is Stone Therapy safe? Is it dangerous in any way?

It is true, there are precautions to take when using heated stones on bare skin. People have been burned by stones that were applied to the skin when they were too hot, and there is a risk of infection if you use unwashed stones on a person who has a sore or a break in their skin.

The good news is that I provide detailed instructions on how to avoid this in my free eBook and my free online YouTube Videos.

I also give you many tips on how to make sure your clients enjoy the safest treatment possible. Part of my dedication to customer service is educating you so you can provide the best possible service to your clients.

Ultimate Set

Read Even More Client Testimonials

“I am thoroughly impressed with my new set of stones--they were obviously so carefully selected, prepared and packed. Thank you for such a beautiful set of stones! Warmest regards."
- Traci Hicks, Denville, New Jersey, USA

“I received my hot stone massage set from you today! I wanted to send my thanks, as your stones are by far the best quality of the three sets I have worked with. Thank you also for the reasonable shipping rates to Alaska. Have a great day!"
- Michelle Wilken C.M.T., Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

“The three sacrum stones arrived a short time ago and they are fantastic! I will be using them this afternoon when my son and daughter-in-law arrive from Indiana. Thank you so much for working with me on this specialty order. I greatly appreciate everything."
- William D. Walker, New York, USA

Join Me!

Please join me on this hot stone massage journey. It's my pleasure to provide you stones that you'll love and enjoy for many years to come.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your stones, please let me know and I will provide you a full refund.

I want you to know you can order risk free and worry free :)

Order Your Ultimate Set Today!

Ultimate Set - 84 hot massage stones

Learn more about these 84 massage stones

12 large
12 medium
8 small
8 hot/cold facial
8 toe stones
6 finger stones
4 acupressure

2 glut
2 contour
2 pillow
16 spinal
1 sacrum
1 belly
2 foot

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